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Parents' Guide to Behavioral health services


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) are typically but not always Medicaid-funded services, based on medical  necessity, provided through trained professional support staff for children under age 21 with a serious emotional or behavioral disorder, to reduce or replace problem behavior with positive, socially appropriate behavior. BHRS are family and child- centered, and they can take place in variety of settings, not just one place. Services are guided by the Treatment Plan. Progress is monitored with data, updated regularly and reevaluated as necessary. Also, BHRS are often very personal. Some families may need to adjust to new persons actively joining their daily activities.

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In NW Pennsylvania, all BHRS agencies are governed by the same regulatory guidelines; however, there are some very important differences in our treatment model that we feel makes North Star stand apart from the rest. Some of those differences can be found within the pages of our website. If your child is receiving services from an agency and you are dissatisfied with the services being delivered you have the legal right to transfer services to another agency of your choosing. The process to transfer services for your child is as simple as contacting our office. We will take care of the rest.


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North Star was founded by professionals who share a desire to deliver exceptional clinical competence along with practical solutions to families.



North Star became an agency in 2005 after receiving a grant from the Venango Chamber of Commerce and support from Venango County Office of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities. Both owners had previous experience developing and managing their own programs for other organizations and believed there was an opportunity to create a unique agency committed to providing exceptional services to children and families in Venango County.

In the years that have followed, North Star has developed into one of the premier wraparound agencies in our area and has not yielded in it's desire to deliver the best services for the families with whom we work. The North Star treatment model is comprehensive team approach combining the efforts and experiences of our Masters level staff, our Bachelors level staff and our licensed Psychologists to work through issues that face our clients.