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services offered

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services

Commonly referred to as "wraparound" services, this service is prescribed for children who are experiencing significant behavioral and emotional difficulties within the home, school, and/or community environment. BHRS is a treatment option more intensive than traditional outpatient counseling and typically involves a therapeutic team working with a child or adolescent along with his/her parent(s) or guardian(s). BHRS treatment also includes working closely with other services which serve the child (ex: school, daycare, psychiatrist/pediatrician).

BHRS for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Children on the Autism Spectrum are treated by individuals within our BHRS program who have specialized training in evidence based treatments for autism. The Behavioral Specialists assigned to treat autistic children are all licensed mental health professionals. Applied Behavioral Analysis is a strong component of our BHRS treatment model for children on the Autism Spectrum.

Behavioral Support for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Behavioral support services for adults (21 years and older) who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. This is a separate service from our BHRS (children and adolescents) program. Behavioral Support consists of a functional behavioral assessment, the development of strategies to support the individual, and the provision of training to individual, support staff, parents and/or caregivers. The behavioral support services offered through North Star are performed by a licensed, Master’s Level Behavioral Specialist.

Behavioral Support for Adults served through the Adult Autism Waiver

We offer three services under the Adult Autism Waiver: Behavior Specialist, Systematic Skill Building, and Community Support. Our Behavior Specialist services provide the individual with a licensed Behavior Specialist who is capable of conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments as well as providing ongoing behavioral support and training for the individual or the larger support team. Systematic Skill building is a process of identifying areas to help individuals improve and then designing a step by step process to teach new skills or improve existing abilities. Community Supports is available when an individual needs more 1:1 behavioral support and this is the addition of a bachelors level staff to support the individual through a community or home based behavioral plan.

Psychological Evaluations

These face to face, strength based evaluations can serve as a point of entry into BHRS or other home and community based behavioral health program for children living in Forest and Clarion counties (Venango is excluded).

Individual Outpatient Therapy
We offer outpatient therapy options for children and adults at our office in Oil City.

Parent Support Seminars

Offered on a regular basis, these seminars are designed to encourage parents to share their experiences and breakthroughs. Content related to childhood and family mental health and recommended therapeutic interventions are provided by special guest speakers along with our professional staff members.